More Story is a blog devoted to lovers of literature, language, and life. It will feed your obsession with reading and writing and attempt to help you improve them!

Mondays are for books: books on the read shelf, the currently reading shelf, and the to-read shelf. Suggestions are welcome.

Between literature and grammar are quotes, so Tuesdays are for digging deep into great quotes and what they say. After all, à la John Green, often “our favorite quotations say more about us than about the stories and people we’re quoting.”

Thursdays will be grammar days! Copy editing for the Johns Hopkins News-Letter lets one encounter a lot of… interesting choices in grammar, which will be reviewed for your amusement and education.

But this is certainly not the limit of More Story. There will be posts on publishing and all things literary whenever the author damn well pleases.

More Story’s author is a lover of scones and Reese’s who is a senior English and Spanish major at Johns Hopkins University. She wants to go to grad school for publishing. Publishers get paid to read, write, and encourage more readers and writers, so what could be better than that?


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